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Trixie Blue – Edinburgh Fringe Blog 2015

They normally say, ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’ BUT in true House of Trixie Blue style, we want you to be a part of our incredible jaunt to the City of Edinburgh for the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Our Enchantresses, Trixie & Scarlet, have written separate blogs to document their experiences. We would love to share with you our delicious tales of burlesque banter. 


Trixie Blue

Saturday 8th August 2015

And we’re off! What a journey to behold. It was the first time that the new car (Astra Martin, the burly mobile died a few weeks ago) made its first trip into the world of burlesque by taking the magnificent Scarlet Rose and I to our first ever time at Edinburgh Fringe. The weather was beautiful, we had Madonna and the Greatest Rock Driving Album Ever blasting, with hits such as Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love – We were on it!


Even the suitcase is strapped in!

Shows Performed In

Our first stop was Monster a Go-Go. What an absolutely brilliant start. Roxy Stardust is the hostest with the mostest PLUS she is all the P’s; producer, performer, professional, and a bloody lovely person.


Roxy and Scarlet

The venue was in a labyrinth of various sized venues and Roxy had one of the best venues ever- The Liquid Rooms, Double Annexe. A lovely stage, fabulous lighting and a bar, oh how we loved the bar 😉 Such an amazing cast with a ton of horror inspired burlesque. It was a pleasure to watch as well as perform in. Fringe is already EPIC!



Scarlet, I and Kim Khaos (Flipping wonderful lass)

I performed a less bloody version of my Narcissistic Cannibal routine (yummy) and managed to skin my knees horribly on the first day – dork!


Next, Scarlet and I popped along to the Best of Burlesque ran by the fantastic Chaz Royal & Betty D’Light. It was the first time I had met these two burly legends and they didn’t disappoint in making me feel welcome. 

best of burlesque pass

I was competing at the World Burlesque Games Semi Final, which was an absolute honour (and a shock) to be a part of. I still get nervous before every performance and this was no exception but the excitement outweighed the nerves. Well, saying that, I think my face here sums up the poop to pants ratio just before my stage time.


The venue was a beautiful Spiegeltent right in the heart of St Georges Square. The exuberant stage and lighting made the atmosphere electric plus we even shared a dressing room with Al Murray (although, wor al wasn’t about but that was still cool).  The burlesque acts were amazing, there were double acts, singers, solo performers and a parrot. A big shout out to my girl Minxie Coquette who was also competing. Such a talented lady!

Backstage was blooming insane. I ended up supping wine from a jug, encouraged by the stunning Ebony Silk, blowing kisses to Betty D’lights camera and playing the selfie game. ‘Twas a night to behold. 

I performed my Narcissistic Cannibal act for the second time that evening for the competition. This time the blood came out in full force. It was a true gorlesque fest to behold.

Cheeky pic of me performing at The World Burlesque Games Semi Final – Thanks Scarlet

Catch me performing, kissing and all sorts in little snippets here:


Due to my Masters thesis and Great North Run training (see my GNR blog here) I had not been drinking* alcohol, especially not pints* so to mark the first day of Fringe and competing in the WBG I had my first pint*. So so happy and even better as it was bought for me hahaha – cheers Lord of the Dants! IMG_8902*too much 

*well apart from that ONE weekend of course

Quote of the Day & Banter

Happy Birthday Dear Whatshisname! is the quote of today.  Inspired my Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones due to the ridiculous number of times Happy Birthday was joyfully sung around the Fringe Fest. 

Knee Banter (said in your best Geordie accent)

As my final reveal for my Narcissistic Cannibal act is a full on, flop on, fall over, trip on my knees kinda scenario, it is expected to cause some discomfort. So this being said, I have decided to keep an eye on this unfolding drama and keep you all posted via pictures. Not for the faint hearted haha! All the pictures were taken on the day after the performance. 


Sunday 9th August 2015

After a leisurely morning applying our showgirl armour, Scarlet and I popped into Edinburgh for a bit of a wander. This time we walked up Princes Street in amidst of a sea of people to see the fabulous sights of Scots Monument and Jenner’s Department Store. We even got to see Phil Jupitus knocking about The Liquid Rooms, boasting a blue suit and red shoes – HOTB branding at it’s finest. Thanks Phil.

Shows Performed In

Scarlet was performing at Lola Rogue’s Tea Time Cabaret and due to having to be mostly ready before the show, we popped into Jenna’s department store to get scarlet suited up. Little did we know that department stores and suitcases do not mix, so welcome the arrival of the pictorial tale of the obnoxious suitcase 😉click here. Not only this, Scarlet left her own calling card in Jenna’s, a ton of feathers. Here is a picture of one lonely feather. 


Showgirl mess

IMG_8916 IMG_8970 IMG_8917

After Scarlet’s trail of feathers, she was suited and booted and proceeded to meet the fantastic Lola Rogue.  What an absolute babe and an awesome performer and producer herself.


There she is, the ukulele Lola

The show was absolutely amazing. Beautiful venue with a very intimate feel. I was thrilled to be watching Scarlet perform and she rocked it, as she always does. Always so proud of her. 


Next we were up at Monster a Go-Go. The atmosphere was incredible and we had such a giggle. I didn’t realise the mic was on backstage and apparently my exclaims of excitement and elation regarding Scarlet’s performance could be heard. OH! What a dork! She was awesome of course! There was a ton of smashing burlesque performances at this show. I was so happy to have the opportunity to watch. Thanks Roxy.

I got to perform my Narcissistic Cannibal routine again. It is now becoming a fast favourite of mine to perform, even though it is injury and mess inducing – I love performing it.  I think it is the amalgamation of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Korn’s Narcissistic Cannibal. Such a buzz from those tracks!

OOOOOOH we had exciting news today. Roxy had the opportunity to produce another show and she asked Scarlet and I to perform. This show would be on straight after Monster a Go-Go! Luckily it was a stones throw away and we whizzed round the corner with the obnoxious suitcase to get ready for the next show…. In a converted church.

The Tron Kirk

I had the opportunity to perform my Moondance act, which was welcome (my knees man, my knees). My original Moondance costume zip had broken at a previous show and due to my sieve like brain, I forgot to mend it before travelling to the Fringe, so I had to wear my Rhapsody costume. I forgot that the rhinestones of my Rhapsody dress could get caught on the body suit of hair hahah, so cue constant ‘hair pulling’ but it made it even more fun. The audience were welcoming and it was jam packed. The stage was positioned in the corner under a stained glass window which was utterly beautiful. The cast were so talented, full of a variety of different burlesque styles, no wonder the audience left with a smile on their faces.


Oh bottom, you can’t see the stained glass window! ah nevermind, you can imagine it I am guessing

Quote of the day & Banter

Obnoxious suitcase Nuff said yo!


God knows how many! I have unleashed the beast!


Knee Banter

Bloody Nora – Look at that!!


Monday 10th August 2015

Today is the day when when two shows turned into three – say whaaaa? Roxy asked us to perform again at the Tron kirk and we certainly didn’t say no.

First up was Dr Sketchy’s with the amazing Morning Star. I cannot get enough of Star! She is all round awesome babe, who I always love working with.


There she is, hiding behind her wig with Scarlet and I


And again

The venue was utterly fabulous and certainly lived up to its name (Woodland Creatures). It was kitted out like an enchanted Forest (helpful for us enchantresses).


Due to the nature of the Dr Sketchy’s event, Scarlet and I had to hold delightful or crazy poses for a few moments whilst being drawn by the audience. After the quick fire sketching, we performed our acts. Moondance was the name of my game, again very fitting for the venue. It was a fantastic experience and I even won a trophy for this immaculate drawing of Scarlet haha!


Scarlet posing at Dr Sketchy’s

Before we popped to the next show we had a little sight see. There were a bevy of shows, performances and all sorts of shenanigans to go to but instead we went to heaven or should I say Maison de Moggy. It was probably the best thing ever in the whole wide world. The cats were sooooo chilled, loved attention (completely different to mine pffftttt) and they were so loved by the staff (and us) it was hard to leave to continue our run. 

IMG_9010 IMG_9013 IMG_9017 IMG_9018 IMG_9026

We managed to leave (it was an emotional moment I can tell you) and mosey on down to perform at Monster a Go-Go. I performed my Narcissistic Cannibal act full throttle and then we excitably wandered to the Tron Kirk Church, where the wolf came out to play with Moondance. All the acts performing were so much fun, talented and just plain awesome. HOORAY FOR FRINGE!

Sadly it was Scarlet’s last night of our Edinburgh Fringe Tour. We had such a blast together and I shall miss her tomorrow, whilst I take on Edinburgh on my tod. 




A HUGE shout out to Scarlet. Thank you so so much for all your hard work, effort, banter, showgirl style, being a babe, coping with the obnoxious suitcase and happy birthday’s. Big loves x x x 

Quote of the Day & Banter

We were so tired, we reused old quotes. Mostly we were shocked at the top tottie situated behind Edinburgh’s top bar spots. Cor blimey!


Two actually, only two! I am reforming.

Knee Banter

Now this is ridiculous. I should invest in some knee pads. (Picture taken on the day after)

day 4

Tuesday 11th August 2015

Today was the day I was left up to my own devices. A broken showgirl.  Everything aches, everything is covered in fake blood, fake hair and glitter and guess what? I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! This was the day I decided to do an array of activities to purge my loneliness with Scarlet leaving (boooo hoooo). Frankie and Benny’s was my first port of call for a spot of brekkie and some make up magic.


Next I had a little bit of choreography to complete before my burlesque choreography session on the Wednesday. This was actioned whilst sitting in Princes Street Park. IT WAS B-E-A-UTIFUL.


I proceeded to meander around Edinburgh, up and down the Royal Mile, Princes Street, Scottish Museum of Art and all of the hot spots. Here are a few sights on my solo trip of wonder

IMG_9111 IMG_9108

IMG_8915 IMG_9100 IMG_9102 IMG_9103 IMG_9109 IMG_8913 IMG_8922

Shows Performed In

Well upon my journey to Lola Rogues Tea Time Cabaret (Bloody love Lola), I had a picture message off my partner, known as Button (only I am allowed to call him this by the way hahaha) of Edinburgh Dungeon.  Why this is significant is because Button was at home whilst Scarlet and I were at Fringe, so how did he have a cheeky picture of Edinburgh Dungeon on his phone? Well that’s because the cheeky sausage was in EDINBURGH! He came to surprise me to cheer me on on my last day. Nawww how sweet. 

IMG_9114There he is

Button met me in the venue of Lola’s cabaret and came to watch as I performed Moondance – what a babe. All of the acts were amazing – singing, mind readers, burlesque and tons of backstage banter.  Next we both went to the final show of the Fringe, Monster a Go-Go to perform Narcissistic Cannibal for the final time. What a blast the last show was. Full of burlesque babes and a regurgitator (oh yes, that was insane, you gotta see it to believe it).


A few for a celebration – HOORAY!

Knee Banter

Finally, the last picture of the burly boo boo’s

day 5

That was the end of my epic Edinburgh Fringe journey – I do hope you enjoyed my tales of excitement, showgirl gossip and a ton of knee pictures you could shake a stick at. Thank you so much for all your support, emails, texts, facebook messages, comments of encouragement whilst Scarlet and I perform our hearts out in Edinburgh. I am so blooming excited to do it all over again.


Until next time…

Love, shimmies and pints



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