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They normally say, ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’ BUT in true House of Trixie Blue style, we want you to be a part of our incredible jaunt to the City of Edinburgh for the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Our Enchantresses, Trixie & Scarlet, have written separate blogs to document their experiences. We would love to share with you our delicious tales of burlesque banter. 

Scarlet Rose

Saturday 8th August

            First day of the Fringe! And after we’d got lost looking for service stations and petrol in a town called Tranent (possibly), we eventually made our way to our Airbnb, hosted by the lovely Amy. Camp was established by opening our suitcases and spreading our make-up and costumes out in the process of getting ready.


The rest of the day looked a bit like this:

Shows Performed In

            I got a very good deal today, performing with Trixie Blue and a host of other talented types at Monster A Go Go, hosted by Roxy Stardust. This was so much fun; the audience were lovely and the other performers were very supportive of one another. Overall it was a lovely atmosphere and I can’t wait to perform with them for the rest of the week. Then my performing for the day was over and I got to go and watch Trixie perform in the Best of Burlesque show hosted by Chaz Royal & Betty D’Light. This was an excellent show to watch and Trixie’s performance was a knock out, I felt like a proud mother!


Trixie rocking it

Acts Performed

            I performed St James’ Infirmary and discovered that my naughty skirt seems to be making a comeback! So who knows when it will come off for the rest of the shows. Even costumes have to get in on the tease action apparently.

Best of the Banter

            Upon arrival to Edinburgh, we decided some sort of café break might be wise. What we hadn’t banked on was that we’d pick a restaurant that looked nearly identical to the Greek one during that famous Bridget Jones scene, and that we’d also be present as a birthday cake was produced and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday was sung. So of course, as we didn’t know the person and given the environment, what did we sing in place of his name?

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear whatshisname

Happy Birthday to you!

This then happened again while we were keeping warm under a heater outside the Gilded Balloon. Obviously we repeated our previous wittiness. And now this is all we seem to be saying to each other every other sentence. Because if a joke’s good, repeating it ad infinitum can only make it better right?


Quote of the Day

            See above. And remember what I said about repetition!

Cocktail Catch-ups

            It was lovely to finally meet Roxy Stardust and see her compering, as it had me giggling away just before I was due to go onstage which is ALWAYS an added bonus. And I was very pleased to catch the gorgeous Kim Khaos again at Monster A Go Go, she is an absolute joy to be around, even if it was too short.


Coffee Counter

2 lattes- not too bad today but also if this is the base level it could get worrying.

Sunday 9th August

Shows Performed In

            Lola Rogue’s Tea Time Cabaret was the first port of call, and it was a delightful difference to be able to watch (through a curtain) some of the other talents that the Fringe had to offer. Waiting beforehand also gave me the experience of getting partly dressed in the street, but I’m pretty sure no-one was too fussed by my ‘reverse strip’. Then it was straight off to Monster A Go Go to chill in the outdoor seating area and silently gush when we realised we were two tables away from Phil Jupitus. Sadly, due to out phone batteries being worse than useless, there is no photographic evidence of this event, but believe us, it happened. And he was even wearing a blue suit and red shoes; as if he knew we were coming!


            After Monster A Go Go, the majority of the cast convoyed to The Tron Kirk to take part in another Roxy Stardust production that I believe is still currently unnamed. This gave us the delightful claim that we have now performed a striptease, on a Sunday, in a church. Not something I anticipated before I got here but certainly an anecdote I intend to get as much mileage out of as possible.

Acts Performed

            Today Enchantress was brought out to join St James’ Infirmary and also provide a handy portable prop replacement! I’ll let you guess which one.

Best of the Banter

            Obviously Phil Jupitus being a subconscious HOTB fan is high up there. But we also had the delights of yelling at Trixie’s suitcase for being so unbelievably naughty you’d have thought it was a small child. Flipping over, getting caught round corners and even posing as a tripping hazard for passers-by (and Enchantresses). Consequently, it was decided the suitcase was being very obnoxious and so must be yelled at (possibly also a tad obnoxiously with hindsight). I’m not sure if other people understood that it was a genuine reaction to unruly luggage or thought it was some sort of weird travelling performance piece but at any rate, we enjoyed it.

            I was also very lucky that one of my oldest friends was able to make the first two performances of the day, but even more pleased that during Lola Rogue’s Cabaret, she was chosen to partake in what I believe was some sort of glitter shooting exercise. Consequently she spent the rest of the evening complaining that she was too sparkly and could feel it going everywhere. The next evening I received a text from her that stated only, “Bloody glitter”. Hah! Now you know how it feels!


Quote of the Day

            “Obnoxious suitcase!!!” (For reasons explained above). – Pictorial Blog here

Cocktail Catch-ups

            Today I yet again had the pleasure of meeting some lovely new people. Lola Rogue was warm and welcoming and came to cheer us on and perform at the following shows. Ophelia Wilde performed a beautifully crisp silk fan dance and was lots of fun backstage. And Ana Kiss’s Whilemenia routine had chair work I envy plus a pastie reveal I wish I’d thought of, as well as being totally lovely. I think that’s everyone new but it was a very busy day!

Sights Seen

            Well today I managed to make it inside the famous Jenner’s department store, however it was only to seek out a toilet for changing in. Which incidentally was IMPOSSIBLE to find. I’m amazed we made it out in time for the show.

Coffee Counter

Only one! And that was before any shows. I’m amazed I’m still awake to type this. I’ll pay for it tomorrow mind.

Monday 10th August

Shows Performed In

            I was very excited that Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue and I were going to be partaking in a Dr Sketchy’s, run by Morning Star. It was incredibly fun (though I didn’t think about the cramp implications of bending one leg. Ow) and I had a mild fan girl moment that Tony Heath was going to be sketching me. I love his drawings and was pretty chuffed with the pen versions of me. Which is a weirdly narcissistic thought but intended more as a compliment of his talent. I also got to see Trixie’s drawings of me… They had a unique charm about them (see banter).6thOne of Trixie’s poses at Dr Sketchy’s

            There was another Monster A Go Go of course, completing a hat trick of them. I’m sure you can guess now that it was a lot of fun to be involved in that show, and I also to see Morning Star perform which I hadn’t yet experienced. It was unlike anything I think I’ve ever seen before. In a good way, obviously.

            And it was also lovely to be asked back to the show at The Tron Kirk, so off we trooped again, yelling at suitcases left right and centre. The live band playing as we were getting ready had some absolute crackers, and dancing and singing along to Uptown Funk backstage was some of the most fun I’ve had while getting dressed.


Enchantress & St James’ Infirmary of course! It was fun to flip between the two moods but goodness me, do I have to move so much in them? Next routine I’ll be crossed legged on the floor for the whole thing!

Best of the Banter

            I was extremely amused to see that in one of Trixie’s drawings of me, I appeared to have acquired a rather phallic looking arm. If she inserts the picture she took here, I’ll let you judge for yourself. Who knows, maybe I just never realised my arm had such a distinctive shape.


(Trixie says “the phallic nature of Scarlet’s arm represents her inherent masculinity aka I cannot draw for toffee”)

            In the interest of full disclosure and under the guise of some theory hunting, many of the bars in Edinburgh appear to have adopted a hiring policy that revolves around rather attractive men- otherwise known as their aesthetic labour. This may have slightly distracted us on more than one occasion.

Quote of the Day

            It is probably many, many of the things Morning Star said, but to be honest, she was such a stream of amusement I’m struggling to remember them exactly. That and it’s possible some of them aren’t repeatable on a nice, wholesome blog such as this one.

Cocktail Catch-up

            By this point, I believe the majority of the performers I had met already but it was an absolute pleasure to continue working with them and sharing the experience. Hope to see you again soon ladies!

Sights Seen

            There is only one sight worth talking about and that is Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh’s cat café. We went for an hour in the afternoon and it was easily one of my favourite places I’ve ever been. Adorable cats! Coffee! Fluffy cats! Lovely staff! Cats! Cats! Cats! All for stroking and playing with, I think it has ruined future café experiences for me. I’ll certainly go again and fuss over all the cats for as long as they let me. Cats.

Coffee Counter

            2- As predicted, my energy levels were slumping by the afternoon to the point I could have napped walking down Princes Street. Fortunately, I consumed two within an hour and that kept me going through the day! I’m quite pleased I never exceeded this amount actually. I don’t think it would have been enjoyable for anyone involved.


And that’s it! My Edinburgh Fringe adventure 2015 is over. It was an incredible experience which I would certainly do again, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following it. If you want to catch up with what we got up to, you can still use the hashtags listed below to scroll through allll of the posts. And if you get a chance to go and see shows at the Fringe, I highly recommend the ones mentioned if they’re still running when you read this. Lovely and talented performers who deserve all the support you can give. Now, how soon before I can go to bed?

Love & Tassels

Scarlet Rose


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Social Media Catch-up Hashtags: Scarlet Rose


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