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Rouge: An evening of Improlesque Burlesque is coming back to Wylam- By Scarlet Rose

Rouge: An evening of Improlesque

Burlesque is coming back to Wylam!

HOTB’s Scarlet Rose is taking over the blog today to tease you all about her fabulous event.  Here she is…

It’s back! Some of you may recall I produced a burlesque show back in March in association with House of Trixie Blue. The day after it finished I thought, “thank God, I’m going to be able to relax after that now”. Not one week later and I was already thinking about my next one! Glutton for punishment me. Now as you may have gathered, there have been some changes to the previous format. Read on for what to expect this time, and what fabulous elements are still remaining:

Shiny New Parts

  • The name! It is now: Rouge. Well that is probably obvious enough to you now. While indulging in a spot of tea and cake after a particularly gruelling bluelesque day, myself and Principal Enchantress Trixie Blue were amusing ourselves by thinking of different names for the show. “I know I want the word red in!” sez I. Trixie paused for a minute and then effortlessly purred, “What about Rrrrrrrouge?” And that was me sold. I encourage anyone that can roll their rs to pronounce it this way. I, sadly, sound like a milk steamer when I attempt this.
  • The price! It gives me great pleasure to announce that the price is indeed a whole £5 cheaper than Red Velvet; a ticket is now £15. This is in part due to…
  • The changed food format. Instead of a full afternoon tea, a selection of cakes and assorted sweet treats will be provided to you, so make sure you have your hot dinner first! There will also be no drinking tea, but a limited selection of cold beverages will be available upon your arrival.

Classic Continued Parts

  • Beautiful burlesque babes! Obviously this is probably the main reason you are attending, to watch our glorious burlesque performers strut and shimmy their stuff for your entertainment. This time I am thrilled that our line up consists of: Bettina Spankenhaus, Miss Twilight Sparkle & Trixie Blue! Audience members familiar with the north east burlesque scene will know that is quite a calibre of performers we have; burlesque newbies, I promise you’re in for a treat.
  • Improvised Comedy Comperes! Yet again you will be guided through your evening and amused while I’m making a fool of myself during clean up by our skilled comperes On The Spot! I know for a fact they had you in stitches last time, it’s easy to see why the comics and the burly girls originated in the same shows.
  • BYOB! Yes, although I can probably guess what soft drinks will be enjoyed by all, if it was down to me you’d be stuck drinking Scarlett O’Hara cocktails if you fancied an alcoholic tipple (and you’d like it). So in order to prevent me becoming a drink despot, you’re more than welcome to bring your own bottle of wine, beer, absinthe, whatever your preference! But do please not this will not be provided on the night.
  • Venue! I’m delighted that we will be returning this show to The Munro Hall in The Wylam Institute. This beautiful venue provided a great space for our performers and audience and means you don’t have to work out any new routes if you’re returning to the show.


So I hope this has clarified any confusion you may have had about the similarities and differences between this show and the last. As always, any questions, dietary or accessibility requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me at, via my Facebook page or on 07702447433. And I hope to see you on Saturday 3rd October 2015 at 7:00pm! Tickets are available from

Love and tassels




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