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The Big Burlesque Showdown Gossip – June Heat – Featuring Scarlet Rose & Trixie Blue

Good day you lovely lot,

How are you this very fine day? We hope you have lots of exciting things planned today.  We are bringing you a short blog post today about our Enchantresses, Scarlet and Trixie’s weekend of burlesque at The Big Burlesque Showdown.  If you fancy a cheeky read of what we got upto, then grab a steaming cuppa and relax…

The Big Burlesque Showdown Gossip

On Saturday 27th June 2015, two enchantresses (along with their entourage haha) popped down to Bedford, home of La Plume Events by Lady K’s.  Lady K’s is a fantastic burlesque company, along with their own shop and online shop – These lovely lot also produce shows and one of these shows is the burlesque competition The Big Burlesque Showdown.

The Big Burlesque Showdown is a competition that has featured three semi final heats (Feb/April/June), comprises of three winners per event; Best Newcomer, Best Established and Audience Choice.  All of the winners from each heat win a place in the finals, which takes place on Saturday 26th September 2015 in Bedford. 

Scarlet & Trixie had the pleasure to be a part of the June heat in the category of Best Established performer along with these amazing ladies:

Finesse Temptress
Mariposa Bop
Coco Coquine
Tamara D’Amour

Carrie Couture
Madaleine Soleil

We did have a right giggle with the above burlesque beauties backstage.  Not only that, our enchantresses were thrilled that they had their own space in the dressing room, marked with their stage name and LAMINATED! Very easily pleased haha!



All acts had the opportunity to perform twice on the night in a show of two halves.  The fantastic compare Eddie Adams and the band the J37’s provided an incredible atmosphere that all burlesque performers dream of.  The audience were full of beans and wanted all the acts to do well. The support was overwhelming and really appreciated by all the performers. Here is Scarlet & Trixie backstage (took forever to get this photo as Trixie is rubbish at taking selfies)


Trixie was the first act to open the night (eeek how scary) with Moondance (Photos from Stacy P)



Scarlet took to the stage with The Enchantress (photos by Stacy P)

11226013_1793379554221685_5292770054796822388_n 11659434_1793379484221692_4423594903851287041_n   11059843_1793379507555023_3200524964916127678_n

After a wonderful break full of banter and FOOD! Boy oh boy did we love the backstage spread (thank you Lady K Crew) nom nom nom.  We forgot to take a picture, perhaps because all the food was demolished haha!

Trixie not only opened the full show, she opened the second act as well. This time with Narcissistic Cannibal (photos by Stacy P and see branding)

11112214_10205648666470895_7543308835249475459_o 1538665_1793384187554555_7939643902555527996_n  11143695_1793384234221217_6157367762495202107_n

Scarlet’s next act was Street Lamp (photos by Stacy P)

11667428_1793385604221080_3934722777942829307_n  11027985_1793385790887728_491913383088300697_n 11059888_1793385900887717_5120434039545038335_n

After all the fantastic performances, it was then time to announce the winner.  Trixie & Scarlet half forgot it was a competition as they had such an amazing time performing and all of the backstage banter with all the beautiful burlesque babes. 

Drum roll please…

Best Newcomer – Tamara D’Amour

Audience Choice – Coco Coquine

Well done to these incredible performers!

(Any need for Trixie having banter with the front row haha. They wanted to use the fan that Trixie was standing in front off so she teased them with it. – Photo Stacy P)


So who won Best Established Performer?

In the mist of clapping and hollering for all the other winners, our very own Trixie Blue was announced as the winner for Best Established.  As Trixie was preoccupied in clapping for everyone else, she didn’t realised her name was called. What a douchebag! (photo by Stacy P)


Well done to everyone who took part in the competition. It was a pleasure to work with you all.  Our enchantress Scarlet Rose presented a breathtaking performance, which left Trixie BURSTING with pride! and Our Trixie, well she did alright. She definitely didn’t expect to win and is very humbled to have done so – Thank you. (photo CG Photography)


On the way home, we found a McDonalds that you could order from a touch screen menu…this was excellent…this made us happy…here is a picture of Gav wearing Trixie’s winners sash.


Right well thats the gossip from The Big Burlesque Showdown, we hope you enjoyed and we hope you shall join us at the FINAL in September.

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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