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Road Trip Banter – Trixie and Scarlet Hit Edinburgh Fringe (Plus Trixie’s exciting announcement)

Happy Hump Day,

It’s Wednesday and we all know it is BLUELESQUE BURLESQUE today! We are ever so excited to see all of the incredible burlesque ladies this evening and are busy preparing for an exciting and fun filled evening. 

Today our blog post is about Edinburgh Fringe and PLUS Trixie takes over the blog to announce something exciting…

From 8th – 11th August 2015, enchantresses Trixie Blue & Scarlet Rose hit Edinburgh Fringe.  It is the first time they have both taken the fringe plunge and they are thrilled to be a part of it.

This year, there is a bunch of exciting things to do at the fringe but if you are going, come and see us lot. We shall love you forever.

Trixie & Scarlet shall be performing at the following fabulous events (thank you for having us):

The Best of Burlesque (World Burlesque Games Heat) – 8th August

Monster a Go Go – 8th-11th August

Lola Rogue’s Tea Time Cabaret9th & 11th August

Dr Sketchy’s – 10th August

burlesque trixie blue and scarlet rose(It’s an old picture but it shows are HUGE smiles of excitement)

Trixie’s Exciting Announcement 

Not only are Trixie and Scarlet wandering off to Edinburgh Fringe for the excitement of the festival for a few days, whilst they are up in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Trixie is in the semi-final for the World Burlesque Games.

What are the World Burlesque Games?

Trixie is performing for a space in the final on Saturday 8th August 2015 alongside some absolutely incredible performers and shall be performing her ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ act (nom nom nom)


IMG_9898 Mono

(That’s snippets of Trixie’s act – Photography Mordent Blue & Richard Shepherd)

Trixie – I am so excited for this opportunity and thank the producers and crew at the World Burlesque Games for giving me an opportunity. Cheers everyone for the support, you are all ‘da bomb’ x x x x

HOTB – Trixie & Scarlet look forward to seeing you on their Fringe adventure.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information. Bring it on!

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue 



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