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3 Minutes with… Scarlet Rose, enchantress at House of Trixie Blue

Good morning,

We hope you are all having a smashing day.  Today we are bringing you another instalment of our cheeky wee interview feature… 3 Minutes With and today it is the lovely Scarlet Rose our incredible enchantress.  So ladies and gents, sit back, relax and take the phone off the hook for 3 mins of burlesque fabulousness.

*Scarlet Rose*

burlesque scarlet rose

HOTB – How did you get into burlesque?

Scarlet Rose – After lots of wishful over the years I eventually bit the bullet and booked a private lesson with your good self [House of Trixie Blue] after finding that the location of your lessons rang a vague bell in my head from many years of Googling and then chickening out. (There’s also the possibility one of your flyers worked their way into my school when I was 18 as I knew it was familiar from somewhere. Unless I find one of these flyers I couldn’t possibly say for sure though). The self-glorifying details are all over my website and Facebook but it’s safe to say I never looked back after that first lesson!

HOTB – Who is your inspiration?

Scarlet Rose – Oh Lord, so many people, but they’re usually the independent ladies who have made a success of themselves out of their own talent and hard work, usually while overcoming some terrible hardship. The wall above my desk is adorned with black and white headshots of these women to keep me motivated when needs must, I think “well they got through much tougher times so I can too!” If I make myself pick 3, I’d have to say Gypsy Rose Lee is surely there for every burlesque performer going, I love the idea of creating such spectacle and publicity offstage as well as on! Then of course you’ve got Dita von Teese, who first showed me aged 14 that pale skin could be just as fabulous as a golden tan.

If I’m ever a bit self-conscious when I’m dressed to the nines and no-one else is, I just think “would it bother Dita? No!” and walk with my head held high and my hips swishing. They’re my hips and I’ll wiggle if I want to! And then number 3 just has to be you, Trixie Blue! Knowing how bloody hard you work for your business, the ladies you teach, shows you produce (and myself!), whilst also creating and performing truly unique acts, it’s incredible! And who doesn’t love women in business?

HOTB – What is your favourite song to dance too?

Scarlet Rose – Soo many, onstage I’d say I love the whole piece (which is Je M’ennuie by Mark Adler and Hub Caps and Taillights by Henry Mancini segued together) to my Street Lamp act, as combined I get to feel both sultry vixen in the beginning and over the top showgirl in the end. I suppose I’m just greedy that way.

Offstage I can’t resist that old classic “The Stripper” by David Rose, as I’m far too nostalgic for time periods I wasn’t even alive in and nothing makes me feel more like I’ve gone back to the golden age of burlesque than that track. Plus it’s great to practise your bumps to while doing the washing up!

HOTB – Do you have a favourite act? and why?

Scarlet Rose – I am extremely proud of my Street Lamp routine, it’s my most extravagant so far and took a lot of work (and a bit of expense) to create and I love the reaction it’s got from the audience. For that, the reasons in the music section and I suppose some personal ones it means a lot to me every time I perform it.

HOTB – What is your favourite costume piece?

Scarlet Rose – Oh God, one? Probably the corset for my Street Lamp routine, it took a flaming long time to make and is very pretty under the lights. Fortunately, I keep all of my costumes in one trunk so if it came down to a burning building scenario I wouldn’t have to make such an awful decision, I could just save them all! Though my Enchantress routine and costume is soon to be going under some major upgrading (is this a HOTB exclusive?), so maybe that’ll change things.

HOTB –  If you had a movie made about your life, who would play you?

Scarlet Rose – Haha, I’m looking at my wall for inspiration and they’re mainly dead! Which isn’t very helpful. I’ve been told my life’s like Bridget Jones’ Diary before (can’t imagine why) so on that basis Renee Zellweger? Though maybe I should pick someone like Anne Hathaway, as she first came across very sweet and innocent but has turned out to be a lot saucier than people maybe expected! Which people often say about me when they get to know me a bit better. Also she’s bloody gorgeous so why not flatter myself? I’m the casting director apparently!

HOTB – Is there any advice you would give to fledging performers?

Scarlet Rose – It feels very funny to be the one giving and not asking for advice here! Though that would be one piece, never stop asking for help, learning new skills or going to lessons. Even though I technically did the beginners’ workshop in my first lesson, every time I go through it again at the Blue Velvet courses I notice something I’ve been slacking on or completely forgot! So it never hurts to refresh your techniques.

Watch as much burlesque as you can, support local shows, go to ones far away if you can (I’m a terrible interloper on the Trixie Blue convoy) even just on YouTube! It’ll give you new ideas for moves you can incorporate, ways to hold yourself, how to move onstage etc. (Though never copy another act!!!) And again it’s another standard to try to reach so that you’re constantly improving. If you can get someone to video your acts, watch them afterwards and look for things to improve. Perfection is impossible, but striving for it means you’ll get the best out of yourself each time.

And be nice! No matter where you are or how someone is to you or how you’re feeling, being pleasant and polite to everyone and joining in with the backstage camaraderie will always be appreciated. I’ve met so many lovely people and made new friends in the last year, it’s just made the whole experience ten times better than I ever imagined, for which I am incredibly grateful.

burlesque scarlet rose

Thank you Scarlet, a fantastic read and wonderful advice.  It is a pleasure to have you a part of House of Trixie Blue.

Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day.

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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