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The Top 3 Items Every Burlesque Babe Should Have in Their ‘Burly Kit’ By Trixie Blue

Hey guys n dolls,

How are you all? fabulous? fantastic? we hope so.  Today our principal enchantress Trixie Blue is taking over the blog to bring you her top 3 items that every burlesque babe should have in their ‘burly kit’.

Hello everyone,

Trixie here and I hope that you are having a fantastic start to the day.  OOOOOH I am excited to take over the blog today.  I hope you all enjoy.

The idea of this blog post came to me after being away last weekend watching the incredible Scarlet Rose (HOTB Enchantress) perform at The Slippery Belle in Manchester.

On the way down to Manchester with Scarlet (and Gav), I thought I would join her in our usual show girl ritual of putting our make up on as we travel.

Upon make up application, I had realised I had forgotten the following items:



Eye Lash Glue

Eye Liner


Which are key components in my make up routine. Needless to say, I felt like a right silly sausage.

Luckily Scarlet was so kind to provide me with the majority of the items above – isn’t she lovely and luckily again I wasn’t performing that evening as I know I would have been pretty nervous without my full stage make up as make up is part and parcel of my performance.

This got me thinking… what were the top 3 items in my ‘burly kit’ that I should NEVER leave the house without (for showtime of course) and not necessarily make up.

*Top 3 Items for your ‘burly kit’*

1 – Eyelash Glue Does what it says on the tin!!!!  But not only that, eyelash glue can be used as an adhesive to plop glitter in places that glitter normally wouldn’t stick too.  Perfect to keep those eyelashes on and add some extra sparkle.

This picture was me making an attempt at being a ‘faux queen’ for one of Divine Trash’s amazing Drag Balls here in Newcastle. I couldn’t have attempted any of this without eyelash glue!


2 – Mini Sewing Kit – There has been plenty of times where I have ripped my costumes before going on stage.  I recall one time where my bra strap SNAPPED! 10 mins before it was show time and I was the first act.  So I whipped out my little sewing kit, to the already threaded needle (oh yes, always fully prepared) to then proceed to sew up the strap as I was wearing it. PHEW!

This was the bra. This was the performance. It was Christmas and it was an AWESOME fun show!


3 – Black Marker – To draw on people… no noooo not at all. This tip is my favourite and only works if you are wearing nearly black or black stockings/hold ups which you are not peeling aka taking off.  There has been a handful of times where I have popped on black stockings and OH NO, you guessed it, I have laddered the blooming things. I am just about to go on stage and my spare hold ups are also laddered WHAT CAN I DO? Colour my leg in, that’s what I do! I take my black marker (useful for other assorted jobs, like writing ha) and colour in my leg so you are unable to see my pale skin popping through the ladder.

This picture is of a time where I have had to use this trick.  See if you can spot the ladder :-))


I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog post and if you do have any extra items to add or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful day

Love & Shimmies



On behalf of House of Trixie Blue


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