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Sparkling Diamonds – Audience Participation Required

Hey guys n gals, I hope you are all well on this lovely Wednesday. Sparkling Diamonds Act filming event is upon us and we need YOU! yes YOU!

Our fabulous acts are preparing to capture their talents on film and we need a live audience to participate/watch.

This is because we want to create the atmosphere of a live show, plus it will be a fab day/night out to witness these acts do their ‘stuff’.

You are welcome to come along from 2.45pm onwards on Saturday 13th June 2015 and stay as long as you would like, all we ask is that if you wish to leave/grab a drink/loo break, you do this between takes to ensure our lovely acts get the best out of their filming hour.

Please have a cheeky read of the event description (it is mostly information for the acts rather than audience) and If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask at

We would blooming love you to come along and support local acts.

Big loves x x x x

Here is the full details of Sparkling Diamonds:

Orange Lights Media & House of Trixie Blue present…
Sparkling Diamonds – Act Filming Event

Ladies, Gentlemen and Pussycats from the depths of the entertainment scene, we would like to present to you our brand new event – Sparkling Diamonds.

Sparkling Diamonds has been created with you in mind.
We know how important it is to have your incredible performances on film, for promotion, bookings or just to capture the moment to show to the grandkids.

We welcome everyone from the entertainment scene from burlesque, cabaret, variety, circus, comedy.
(Due to venue restrictions – No fire, aerial, pole or overly messy acts)
Here’s the deal….

The event will run from 3pm till Midnight

Each performer will get to choose (or allocated depending on availability) a 1 hour slot

Within this 1hour slot, this is your time. You are welcome to perform as MANY of your repertoire as possible within your allocated time (normally we can achieve around 4 acts within that time) and/or repeat any performances

Come along for the full event or just your time slot – its up to you (please arrive at least 30mins ahead of your allocated time for prep)

Your performances will be captured and edited to a high standard by the incredible Orange Lights Media
We will provide..

A welcoming environment to capture your acts on film

Plenty of atmosphere

An audience so you can really get into your act and perform it as you would at a show (you are welcome to bring your own entourage along)

A no fuss venue, there is no fiddly stage, blinding lights or fussy decor

The finer details…

Date: Saturday 13th June 2015
Time: 3pm – Midnight
Audience: Pop down from 2.45pm onwards
If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact, as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who are Orange Lights Media?

Orange Lights Media is a filmmaking, photography and writing media production company. Check out some of their work here

Who are House of Trixie Blue?

Established 2006 as a music tuition company, House of Trixie Blue has certainly morphed into an entertainment company with a difference. We provide burlesque tuition/performers/productions/accessories under our ethos to provide accessible and inclusive burlesque.


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