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As you may have noticed, ***Showgirl Sunday*** has been off the radar a little bit over the last few weeks due to the hideous final term I have just encountered. So many words! However that is over, I am free, and to make it all up to you I am celebrating with an extravaganza, a ***Showgirl Sunday*** every day this week from Sunday to Sunday. See if you can guess who might appear (they’ve already been set) and I hope you can forgive me for my slacking. Pretty good way to apologise though?

*Gal Friday*

So, first ***Showgirl Sunday*** of the big extravaganza! You may have seen her epic Tassel/Assel skills in the showdown with Peekaboo Pointe I shared a little while back but now it’s time to fully appreciate the talents of Gal Friday! A New York based burlesque artist and instructor at the New York School of Burlesque, Gal has got some epic booty skills I can only dream of. If you follow her on Instagram, you can also see her impressive ability in pole and ariel fabric; I dread to think of the friction burn!

I love this routine for including cheeky audience participation, the music choice and the sheer force with which she throws herself to the floor for a tasselling finale. It makes me wince and salute all at once:

*Ophelia Flame*

Here’s a performer to warm up your Monday should you need it, time for the next ***Showgirl Sunday***! Ophelia Flame is known as “The Burning Sensation” and once you’ve looked at her accolades it’s easy to see why. Burlesque artist, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012, producer of shows and festivals, founder of a school of burlesque, the list goes on! I’m a little bit sleepy just thinking about it. I adore her act The Phoenix especially due to a fantastic floorwork section. Such clean lines! Watch and see what I mean:

*Lada Redstar*

The only experience I’ve had of Sarajevo entertainment was going to see Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision 7 years ago. However today’s ***Showgirl Sunday*** certainly ups the ante for the area! Lada Redstar has been performing and modelling internationally for also 8 years and seems to have the most extensive CV and client list I’ve ever seen! She’s also been a featured singer for musicians Bart and Baker and contributed to the burlesque podcast Burlesque On Air. I adore this act for being very classic and beautiful but also rather quirky. I’d like bugs a lot more if they were like their queen:

*Betsy Rose*

Well we’ve reached the halfway point for the ***Showgirl Sunday*** extravaganza! And it’s time for London artist, Betsy Rose. Performing for over a decade, she’s danced on stages all over the world, on nearly every continent and has toured in multiple countries. She has also been featured in international magazines, TV programmes and adverts. There are some damn busy performers being featured this week! It was a hard (but as always enjoyable) task trying to decide which routine to share; but I do love her 50s inspired Dance of the Amazon Rose. Sizzling and contains excellent spear work:

*Jett Adore*

This extravaganza wouldn’t be complete without a little ***Showboy Sunday***! Jett Adore, one third of award winning male burlesque trio Stage Door Johnnies, and Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Most Innovative 2011. You can see why as it was with this peacock routine (Miss Twilight Sparkle I thought of you when I picked this), featuring some excellent Isis wings work. I was going to use the word innovative but I was beaten to the punch:

*Angi B Lovely*

Now I couldn’t resist doing this ***Showgirl Sunday***extravaganza without featuring a member from one of my favourite troupes, The Ruby Revue and this time it’s Angi B Lovely! Watching videos of her routines, this lady can stretch it, shake it, shimmy it and perform all sorts of other moves that don’t begin with s. She won the New Orleans burlesque festival Queen of Burlesque competition in 2012 with this routine. I started watching it thinking I would love it mainly for some of the excellent bump and grind. And then the ariel fabic appeared! Enjoy:

*Kitten on the Keys*

Coming to the end of the ***Showgirl Sunday*** extravaganza, however we’ve still got this weekend left to celebrate the many talents of all sorts of burlesque performers in the industry. Today it’s Kitten on the Keys! She’s a vocalist, pianist, singer and flinger and mistress of ceremonies; she’s toured internationally multiple times and even has a one woman show. She is basically skilled and talented in everything I’m (singing especially. Eurgh). Her compering and songs always provide as many innuendos as you can comprehend and I love this video of her singing at the 2nd New Orleans Burlesque Festival. You know I love a bit of crude and this song does not disappoint!

*Tempest Storm*

I was wracking my brains trying to work out who to finish the extravaganza with, and then when I checked she hadn’t already been featured the answer couldn’t be more obvious. The final ***Showgirl Sunday*** of this week long celebration is the one and only Tempest Storm. Performing for over 60 years, she’s been renowned for her 44DD-25-35 figure and riot initiating coat removal, and is currently the subject of a documentary about her life due to be released in spring 2016. I’m so incredibly excited to see her perform at Burlesque Noir in September; a true burlesque legend and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think writing everything awesome here about this lady would result in a ridiculous essay so I will stop now. Watching this video brought a huge smile to my face; I’m sure it will to you too:

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