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Sharing’s Caring, presenting the fabulous Print Shop – Contemporary meets the Traditional

Hey everyone,

We hope you are geared up for another fantastic Wednesday.  Today is all about independent businesses and banter.  We are thrilled to announce that we are associated with the fantastic company Print Shop.  Who are Print Shop we hear you ask?

burlesque trixie bluePrint Shop is an independent business based in Newcastle upon Tyne.  It is ran exclusively by one fabulous lassie with an incredible talent for producing beautiful contemporary print designs.

Currently they are creating a line of vintage burlesque inspired prints, which of course makes us absolutely giddy with glee. 

We are cheeky wee buggers though, as we already are privileged to own some of Print Shops fantastic, unique designs (which we have included below, take a peek).


Print Shop will be bringing their beautiful designs to our burlesque choreography course graduation (27th May 2015). Sure this isn’t a public event, however, if you see something you like, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Take a wee look at their Facebook page and in true style of the blog, sharing’s caring – 

Have a wonderful bluelesque day everyone

Love & Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue 



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