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‘Baggy Trousers and Sparkly Dresses: Exploring Masculinity as Spectacle in the Burlesque Film’ by Trixie Blue

Hey guys n dolls,

Trixie here, I am just taking over the House blog for a wee moment.  This blog is a weeny bit of information about the research I am currently conducting as part of my masters of research degree. I promise it is relevant to the House 🙂

Academia is a wonderful place full of banter (believe it or not) and of course; assessment, pressure, deadlines blah blah blah and I am no exception to academias lure.  

I decided back in July last year to undertake a masters, a decision that was made purely on my love for burlesque, a decision that has been awesome.  

During this course of the academic year, I have had the opportunity to research into burlesque from a number of different angles with a focus predominantly on the burlesque film genre.  

I pinky promise that I will not go off on a tangent but I would like the opportunity to contextualise my research: the burlesque film.

When I say burlesque film, the first thing that pops into my mind is this…


Nowt wrong with Burlesque (2010) the film, in fact I bloody love it, feel good, amazing dances and HOT fellas in eyeliner! Whats not to love?

burlesque Cam Gigandet

However, my research predominantly surrounds the exploitation cinema sub genre, burlesque film. Between 1940-1960’s burlesque film was popular amongst directors looking to make a quick buck.  

Ya know the ones…they look like this…

These films were rebooted in the 1980s and gave the opportunity for a wider audience to meet a little known fetish/pin up/burlesque doll Ms Bettie Page and now they are readily available on DVD for the avid burlesque film fan. 

burlesque bettie page

Enough of the history lesson…. my research focuses on the extent of how this exploitation genre has filtered into the mainstream cinema, with an added interest in the changing audience. ALSO I am concerned with the idea of spectacle, in particular masculine spectacle.

Starr and Ross first meeting Lynn 1st disrobing

Thats right, those three characters above are all gents and produce masculine spectacle.  Sure, the concept of spectacle is inherent in the burlesque film, in particular female spectacle. However, upon further examination, masculinity is also portrayed as spectacle.

How? how you might ask? well, true to my burlesque teasing roots, I cannot disclose the findings at this time teee hee heeeeeee. The findings of this research is to be presented at an academic conference this coming Monday (27/04/2015) at Northumbria University, where I shall be presenting a paper titled ‘Baggy Trousers and Sparkly Dresses: Exploring Masculinity as Spectacle in the Burlesque Film’.

Details of the academic conference – Perspectives, can be found here. There is a wide range of research being presented, as well as this paper – OOH and lunch provided ;-).

OOH OOH and we featured in The Chronicle innit – click here to see this exciting article of Masters bants.

I would like to thank you all for reading, I wish all of my peers good luck with their conference paper and I looking forward to unleashing this research on the unsuspecting public on Monday morning. CRIPES! 

Lots of Love 




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