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3 Minutes with…. Rusty Von Chrome

Hey hey hey, 

Good morning to you all.  We hope you are excited as we are for the start of the new spring/summer bluelesque term. Today is the day we are bringing you our next instalment of 3 Minutes with…, where House of Trixie Blue interviews the burlesque star that you have requested (what is 3 mins with?).

Today we are delighted to bring you 3 Minutes with the award winning and fantastic Rusty Von Chrome. So sit back, relax, grab a biccy and a cuppa and enter the mind of Rusty for the next 3 minutes…

burlesque rusty von chrome

HOTB – How did you get into burlesque?
Rusty –When I moved to Manchester I didn’t know anyone at all. An old uni friend of mine recommended I did some burlesque classes as a way to meet people and put me in touch with Bella Beseme (we also love Bella at HOTB, She runs the Slippery Belle Burlesque). I trained with Bella and I was lucky enough for her to give me a few newbie spots for her slippery belle shows. Getting the nerves up to go to my first class was the best thing I ever did. I’ve done some amazing shows and have made some lasting friendships too.
HOTB – Who is your inspiration?
Rusty – I see something at every show I go to that I think wow! I love seeing the what new performers come up with and the excitement that comes through in their performance. As for inspiration for Rusty there’s definitely a touch of Rick Mayall about him ( Flashheart and B’Stard)
HOTB – What is your favourite song to dance too?
Rusty – I have a guilty secret. I have a warm up song I listen to and dance about and warm up to when I’m trying to get into character. Ok, it’s shameful but ‘I’m too sexy’ by right said Fred totally gets me stage ready. Hangs head in shame.
HOTB – Do you have a favourite act? and why?
Rusty – It used to be the cop act but I think it would have to be Henry now. I think I love it so much as depending on the set up of the venue I can really play with it. As long as I stay in character I can get away with pretty much anything. It’s also one the audience seems to get behind and start singing along with. That always makes me smile.
HOTB – What is your favourite costume piece?
Rusty – You really have to ask? CODPIECE!!!!
HOTB – If you had a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Rusty – I really had to think about this. I think I’d have to say Jennifer Saunders. She always beards up well. She might have to eat more cake for the part.
HOTB – Is there any advice you would give to fledging performers?
Rusty – Yes, bring me cake! Only joking, honestly! Say your please and thankyous during and after the show. Politeness goes a long way. Bring emergency extras if you can (pasties, tights, tit tape, wipes) all have a tendency to be left at home by accident so keep some in your case that you never take out. Don’t worry about having pre show nerves. We all get them. The day you don’t get them stop performing, as it’s what drives you to want to do your best.

Thanks Rusty, always a pleasure. Catch Rusty on Facebook



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