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Di Alta Classe – Guest Blog By Trixie Blue – The Art of Manipulation

Hey everyone,
I do hope you are all smashing and having an amazing day. I am extra excited today as I am bringing you my next blog for Di Alta Classe – Hooray!! If you are not familiar with Di Alta Classe, in their own words…

Welcome to Di Alta Classe, the exclusive home to real world women promoting everything from high fashion to the most luxurious, exquisite and down right sexy lingerie known to grace the UK.

We aim to show everyone that beauty is about how you feel inside, not about being a size 0. Following Di Alta Classe will show you that beauty comes from within and if you truly believe in yourself you too can achieve great things.

Since getting together, the Di Alta Classe group have been central in the promotion of luxury lingerie brand, Tallulah Love. We have formed a close working relationship with Lingerie By Annette, performing in catwalk shows around the North East.
Keep a close eye on us as we bring you the latest fashion, from bedroom fantasies to fabulous fashion.

burlesque trixie blue

(C) No More Negative

Back to Trixie….
I would like to take you back in time for just a wee second so we can remember the golden age of… the 1990’s! That’s right folks, the 1990’s where Tamagotchi’s were the toy of choice and black lip liner was en vogue. The 1990’s is also remembered as the era of the supermodel. Names such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Trixie Blue (tee hee well one can wish) to name a few. But there was one fabulous supermodel that has just made headlines again.

The incredible Cindy Crawford! Cindy Crawford, 90’s hot supermodel and bodacious babe has been in the press recently regarding untouched photographs that she posed for back in 2013 for Marie Claire magazine.

I stumbled across this story after a late night internet browsing session (ya know the ones I mean, where you watch silly cat videos). I read one article, which then transpired into me reading a zillion articles about these untouched photos of the gorgeous Cindy.

Every single article I had read was positive and inspirational. The tweet rolls were flooded by fans of Cindy saying they felt empowered by her photos and inspired by them. This got me thinking…

The art of photography manipulation is a marvellous invention. The idea that you can create something fantastical or just cover up a few zits just by a click of a button is wonderful. However, the beauty of untouched photographs showcase the incredible individual bodies we all have. Our own unique marks create our own distinctive beauty and it is something that we all possess. That’s right, we are all uniquely wonderful and no two bodies are the same. Isn’t that amazing?

As my previous blog stated, I am also taking a ‘journey of discovery’ with body confidence and the articles surrounding Cindy’s photos have fuelled my recent endeavours. This new revelation has helped me with my performance photographs. I am not a fan of my photo taken when I am performing. This is because of my own lack of confidence with my own body. However, recently, upon viewing some promotional photographs for my performer website, I realised that I am more comfortable with my own body. This is because I have realised and accepted that everyone, like Cindy, is unique and wonderful.

So, aspire to be you and nobody else, as there is only one of you and you are awesome sauce (like tomato ketchup yum).
Lots of love 


Check out the Blog in all its glory on the official Di Alta Classe Website

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