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The History of The Blue Belles

Let us take you on a journey, a journey which has been a huge part of House of Trixie Blue and that is the story of The Blue Belles…

It all started with a dream, that’s right a dream.  The dream being to provide accessible and inclusive burlesque.  This is the ethos House of Trixie Blue lives by till this day.  Sure, it sounds like a corporate sales pitch, however, it is true extremely relevant for today’s story.

Back in 2011, we decided to make this dream a reality by creating a beginners burlesque techniques course.  15 wonderful, excited, petrified ladies signed up. Oh we did have fun.  We introduced the ladies to the beautiful art of the tease,encouraged them to develop at their own pace and of course have a ton of giggles.

After x2 goes of the 6 week beginners course and a ton of banter later,  we created the next level up. These fantastic ladies then progressed onto our intermediate burlesque techniques course. We were incredibly proud.

1st bb pic

After a year of running beginners and intermediate courses, we knew it was time to create a performance course. It was then The Blue Belles were born.

2st bb pic

The Blue Belles is our performance course, which started back in 2012 and boy oh boy have they gone from strength to strength. Every 12 weeks, House of Trixie Blue would run a burlesque extravaganza to showcase the new found talents of our incredible burlesque ladies.

These shows comprised of professional UK performers PLUS The Blue Belles performing as a group AND some of the Belles took to the stage to perform a SOLO. That’s right, a solo! BEAMING WITH PRIDE!!!

To relive these early moments, here are the flyers for every single Blue Belle show (created by Jon Robinson Designs)

Trixie Poster Final (1) Trixie Poster Mar 2013amended 976876_471582139589067_2053365048_o blue moon a night of bluelesque blue lagoon rhapsoy

Our burlesque extravaganza shows came to an end in 2014.  To mark this occasion, we created a thank you video for everyone who was involved in these shows – check it out here.  It was a bittersweet farewell to this era of The Blue Belles BUT in true House of Trixie Blue style are starting the new era of The Blue Belles with a BANG!

IMG_8783 Mono Trixie_20140802_194544_0056

In 2015,the new era has just begun. We have decided to run an invite only show for The Blue Belles performance course graduation called…. THE BLUE BELLES BALL. We are having our first one THIS SATURDAY!  We are so excited to venture into the new era of The Blue Belles and we would like to thank you all for your continued support.

The Blue belles ball

So there you have it ladies and gents, the history of The Blue Belles.  Some came, some went and some have never bloody left ;-).  We appreciate every single one of our students continuous support in The Blue Belles and our sensational burlesque beauties in our burlesque choreography course (just you wait till your blog post tee hee hee).


Thank you for reading this trip down memory lane and have a wonderful Wednesday – hey its bluelesque burlesque today.

Love and shimmies

House of Trixie Blue





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