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Catch Up Wednesday: Showgirl Sunday – This Week its SHOW KING Sunday *Rusty Von Chrome* By Scarlet Rose

Our very own Scarlet Rose has been busy this week with getting ready for Red Velvet Burlesque Show this SATURDAY and she still has had time to tease us with her weekly feature Showgirl Sunday.  
If ya missed it last Sunday, here it is again…. Scarlet Rose’s weekly instalment of **Showgirl Sunday**.  However, this week it is not Showgirl but SHOW KING Sunday featuring Rusty Von Chrome…

Time for a very special ***ShowKING Sunday***. You will not be disappointed when you watch The King of the Codpiece, Rusty von Chrome!

Anyone who’s seen Rusty knows that you get the most dynamic entertainer, and everytime I see Rusty live I’m hoarse from laughing and cheering.

Rusty also broke convention at the 2015 Leeds Teatime Tassel Off in January by being the first performer to win both the Judges’ Choice AND Best Performance. When there’s a video of Henry VIII you’ll see why (and oh the codpiece!), but today you get to enjoy the equally as good American Cop.

This routine makes me feel all funny inside. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean…


Have a great Wednesday

Love Scarlet Rose


Showgirl Sunday is brought to you by Scarlet Rose, Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue



Instagram: scarletroseburlesque


Red Velvet Burlesque Show: 



  1. Rusty

    I’ve only just seen this! Aww you made me blush. Thankyou xx


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