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3 Minutes with….Suzie Sequin

Hey Everyone,

We hope you are all having a tremendous day and gearing up for the weekend. Today is the day we are bringing you our next instalment of 3 Minutes with…, where House of Trixie Blue interviews the burlesque star that you have requested (what is 3 mins with?).

Today we are delighted to bring you 3 Minutes with the super fabulous Suzie Sequin. So sit back, relax, grab a biccy and a cuppa and enter Suzie’s world for the next 3 fantastic minutes…

burlesque suzie sequin

HOTB – How did you get into burlesque?
Suzie  – I guess I jumped into burlesque really. I’ve worked on the stage since the age of 15 as a singer and dancer and always been a lover of variety and light entertainment (where the majority of my professional career has been). Part of this love was the circus and burlesque shows (in their original cabaret show form). So being a fan and seeing modern burlesque at The Candy Box in Birmingham, I was even more hooked and thought ‘I could do that’! Burlesque for me is a mixture of everything I love, from music and costume to choreography and audience interaction. That seaside, end of the pier experience! 

HOTB – Who is your inspiration?
Suzie – I have so many inspirations for all aspects of my performing portfolio, but for burlesque I love Faith Bacon, Sally Rand and Lily St Cyr. Such classic routines, timeless and elegant – wonderful showgirls! I’m known partially for my fan dancing (one of the best in the UK apparently – haha!) so I was always drawn to these women. I even have a signed photo of Sally Rand on my bedroom wall.

HOTB – What is your favourite song to dance too?
I adore all music, and I always choose my favourite pieces to dance too – well, apart from my beloved rock music! I think the routine music must be accessible for every audience member and not put anyone off. So I always enjoy all my music choices as they’re always good fun – but I think my favourite at the moment has to be ‘hoochie coochie girl’ by Circus Contraption, that’s my latest act so I’m performing it as often as I can.
HOTB – Do you have a favourite act? and why?
Suzie – I love all my routines, although some are retired along the way and a lot of them evolve the more I perform them. I always enjoy performing ‘english rose’ as its the act that’s achieved international acclaim but then I always enjoy performing ‘snowstorm’ too as I get to use my dance training to be all dramatic and intense! ‘Hoochie Coochie Girl’ is another favourite as I adore the circus and this pays tribute to the golden age of the Victorian circuses and sideshows.

HOTB – What is your favourite costume piece?
Suzie – I love my ‘queen of tease’ costume as that was the first one I really made myself and its still going strong after all this time! My good friend, Kirstin Ramskir from Dancers Bizarre ( made my ‘hoochie coochie girl’ costume and its a completely accurate Egyptian style that the little Egypt dancers would have worn – so that always make me feel happy and proud when I’m wearing that.
HOTB – If you had a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Suzie – Now that would be fun! I think Katy Perry would be great playing me (I’m also a tribute artist to Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe and Stevie Nicks) as well as Helena Bonham Carter for the older me! 
HOTB –  Is there any advice you would give to fledging performers?
Suzie – Research! Its so important to make sure that no-one else is already doing an act that you’re thinking of creating. Granted you’ll come across people who’ll use the same music as you but as long as the concept of the act is different – that’s ok! Stay true to yourself, don’t try and fit into the comedy style or serious style if that’s not what you’re comfortable with – stick to what you know. That goes for your music choice too, don’t feel that you have to use 1940’s instrumental pieces or 1950’s rock and roll – use whatever makes you happy! I use 2 tracks from Muppet Treasure Island for my ‘Shiver my Timbers’ routine – so anything goes! Lastly, and most importantly – don’t be a diva, be nice to everyone backstage – gracious and polite and have lots and lots of fun!  

Love and sequins,
x Suzie x

As Suzie is also a producer of cabaret/burlesque/musical theatre and the producer of The Looking Glass Burlesque, she has the following productions lined up:

An Evening With The Stars (12th April, Chester and 8th May, Helsby)

12th April Event

From Stage to Screen: A Celebration of Musical Theatre (17th April, Helsby)

The Looking Glass Burlesque (7th June Chester, 19th June Helsby and 21st Novemeber Warrington THEATRE SHOW)

19th June Event

burlesque suzie sequin

We hope you enjoyed this edition of 3 Mins with and House of Trixie Blue are delighted to announce that Suzie shall be performing for us at The Periwinkle Pussycat on Saturday 14th March 2015 (only 23 tickets left at time of publish)  

Tickets available from for a cheeky £8+bf

Have a fantastic day everyone

Love and shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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