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Catch up Monday: Showgirl Sunday – This Week *Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey & *Medianoche* By Scarlet Rose

If you missed it last night, here is the weekly instalment of Show Girl Sunday by Enchantress Scarlet Rose.

First ***Showgirl Sunday*** of the evening, and just to stick with the doubling theme, it’s time for the first burly duo I’ve featured, Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey!

They combine acrobatics, comedy and striptease to be a “Flipping and Stripping” team that have been delighting audiences for over a decade. This routine never fails to put a smile on my face and is just so brilliantly executed. Enjoy!

YouTube Link –

And straight on with the second ***Showgirl Sunday***!  Aren’t I being good to you today? This was a joyous moment where I absent mindedly clicked on a video and then discovered the damn near perfection that is Medianoche. Her routines are long in time than a lot of modern burlesque routines but are captivating throughout. I’m a little bit in love.

The video below is her winning performance at the 2013 New Orlean’s Burlesque Festival and is just fabulous, with some of the longest amount of time dedicated to tasselling I’ve seen so far. Can’t go wrong with that in my book

YouTube Link – 

Have a great Monday

Love Scarlet Rose


Showgirl Sunday is brought to you by Scarlet Rose, Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue



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