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Uh Oh its Double Trouble…Our Next Performer announcement is… Lil Auld Ladies

It’s Friday! This means it is officially the weekend and this means it is time to treat yourself.  House of Trixie Blue are treating you today with not one but TWO cheeky burlesque performers that are coming to The Periwinkle Pussycat Stage… let us present to you the one, the only Lil Auld Ladies…


We are so excited to welcome the tremendous Lil Auld Ladies back to our stage.  We have had the pleasure to witness this cheeky cheesecake duo at TWO of our previous House of Trixie Blue shows and we are thrilled to bring them back to our first of our new style of show The Periwinkle Pussycat.


Check out Lil Auld Ladies online at and dont forget to grab your tickets!

Tickets for The Periwinkle Pussycat are available online at

The Periwinkle Pussycat – Saturday 14th March 2015 – 7pm Doors – Nine Bar, St James Park


Have a wonderful Friday and weekend

Love Lots
House of Trixie Blue





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