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What Burlesque Means to Trixie Blue

Hi Guys n Gals, It’s Trixie here. I am taking over the House of Trixie Blue blog this afternoon to discuss the B word… no not bottoms or boobies (well it does incorporate those things) I am talking about BURLESQUE!

This blog is a purely personal insight into my own thoughts about burlesque and I am excited to share them with you all.

To put my burlesque world into context, I have always been fascinated by the art of striptease, glamour modelling and musical theatre (Cats, the best musical EVER) and burlesque amalgamates those passions into one singular art form.  With burlesque, I can live my dream of being that stripping, posing pussy cat – PURRRRR!!!

burlesque Trixie Blue

(c) Liam Scott Bell Photography

Burlesque has totally rocked my world for a number of years.  It has taken me places I have never thought I would go to (Ormskirk), create acts I never thought I would create (Flash Gordon amongst others) and I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting such incredible people, through the fabulous ladies and gents I teach, the supportive audience members who attend the shows and other fantastic and talented burlesque performers and producers. In other words burlesque is the absolute best!

burlesque trixie blue



It has taught me many different things about myself and nurtured existing realisations.  I always have loved being a rudey nudey but have channelled that into a performance platform with burlesque, rather than just being starkers in the house. It has taught me that with hard work, determination and a bit of shimmer, I can be whoever I want to be…and that person sometimes that is a showgirl or a werewolf.   

(C) No More Negative

(C) No More Negative


Burlesque has given one of my other passions a regular outing and that is MAKE UP! I am a huge fan of make up (more about that in my body confidence blog for Di Alta Classe coming up soon) and I can wear a shovel full of the stuff because burlesque permits it, heck burlesque permits near enough anything.

It has also shown me how much I love meeting new people, producing, creating, talking, travelling, having burlesque bants in my pants and has been with me throughout the whole of my 20’s and now carrying me (safely, I hope) into my 30’s.

Not only is burlesque my business, I love burlesque so blooming much that, for my sins, I undertake a Masters of Research degree specialising in the burlesque film (1950’s to present).  This means burlesque gives me laughter, banter, grey hairs, sleepless nights, twitches… 😉 (Update 07/10/2015 – I have finished the blooming Masters degree hooray!!!!! now for graduation in December – thank you for all the support everyone)

11892193_906445299436080_2784491280195280729_n 11887865_906445309436079_8632289384077358940_n

So there we have it guys n gals, burlesque means the world to me, I live, breathe, sleep, dream and love burlesque. I can’t get enough of it. 

I do hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and I would absolutely love to know what burlesque means to you personally. Please feel free to comment or give me a cheeky email

Have a wonderful rest of your day and look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

Love Lots




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