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Di Alta Classe… Guest Blog by Trixie Blue

Hey everyone,

I (Trixie Blue) am super chuffed to have the pleasure to guest blog about my own experiences/issues surrounding body confidence over at the AMAZING Di Alta Classe website. If you haven’t come into contact with Di Alta Classe before, in their own words…

Welcome to Di Alta Classe, the exclusive home to real world women promoting everything from high fashion to the most luxurious, exquisite and down right sexy lingerie known to grace the UK.

We aim to show everyone that beauty is about how you feel inside, not about being a size 0. Following Di Alta Classe will show you that beauty comes from within and if you truly believe in yourself you too can achieve great things.

burlesque trixie blue

(C) No More Negative

The first blog is up and running here on the Di Alta Classe website.  Please check it out and leave a comment. We all hope you enjoy.

Love and Shimmies,

Trixie Blue

On behalf of House of Trixie Blue



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