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Your questions answered… Do you get NAKED?

Hey everyone,

We are super excited for Tuesday!!!

Sure it happens every week but today is a little more exciting than others.  We have decided to start a new blogging feature where House of Trixie Blue answer the most frequently asked questions that YOU have asked us on a regular occasion.
As we love to hear from you, if you do have a question for us that you want a cheeky answer for, please give us an email and we will see what we can do…

The question we would love to answer today is… In burlesque performances, do you get…NAKED!!?

OOOOH it is the cheeky million dollar question that gets asked to us all the time.

We dont get completely in the buff, in our opinion it wouldn’t be as fun if we were in our birthday suits 🙂

Popping on a cheeky pair of pasties/tassels is always one of the most exciting items to reveal in burlesque (plus we make pasties and tassels through True Blue and we love making them)


Now we love these ‘boobie cookies’ and would hate to not get the opportunity to show them off.

We hope this has answered your question.  If you do have any questions, holla over here

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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