House of Trixie Blue

Enterprise of Burlesque Entertainment

Brrrrrr its blooming chilly!!!!…. Hang on…we know something that might warm your cockles…

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you are having a smashing Friday and looking forward to the weekend.

It is getting rather chilly willy outside and we are popping on our onesies over our corsets and fluffy slippers over our silky stockings…. brrrrrrr!

If you all are as cold as us, we have just the thing to warm you up and it comes in the format of a steamy night of burlesque and cabaret from…

Miss Twilight Sparkle Presents…

An Evening of Burlesque and Cabaret

A night of burlesque and cabaret featuring
Miss Twilight Sparkle
Trixie Blue
Scarlet rose
Carman Havalook
Betty Bang
And more

Tickets only £5 in advance from the venue or via PayPal

Tickets will be £7.50 on the door

At Springwell Village Community Venue – Fell Road, Springwell Village – NE9 7RP

Official facebook group:

We are so very excited to perform at this event, not only do we (Scarlet Rose and Trixie Blue) get to perform together, with great friends, Trixie Blue’s mum will be performing with her cousin as part of Lil Auld Ladies – and we look forward to sharing all this excitement with you all.

Have a wonderful evening and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow

Love and shimmies

House of Trixie Blue



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