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Hey everyone,

Us lot at House of Trixie Blue have had a whirlwind of a week – heck it has been so bitter-sweet it is unreal…

Firstly we have moved our burlesque weekly lessons to Wednesday evenings (can we get a whoot?), which in turn ends the 10 years (well just shy of 10 years) spell of teaching piano (and occasionally flute), as this occurred on a Wednesday evening!

We also ended our Burlesque Extravaganza shows last Saturday with Rhapsody in Blue – again, an incredible moment but a sad end of an era (here is our thank you video if you haven’t seen it yet –

So in other words, we are looking towards the future today!!!!  What better way to look to the future than look no further than Saturday night???? This Saturday, enchantresses Scarlet Rose ( and Trixie Blue are taking to the stage at the incredible A Slice of Time Burlesque Presents…The Weird West Burlesque Show!!!

We are both so excited to be invited to perform at such an incredibly produced and impeccably cast show, with talents not only from the North East but the whole of the UK.

This Saturday, we are all in for a treat.  In their own words, here are the details for Saturday…


“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to dust off your spurs, mine that ghost rock, cast those necromantic rites and come down to our rodeo of the strange.

From the Steampunk to horror, we’ll be showcasing the Weird West in all it’s glory.

Miss Twilight Sparkle
Lady V
Carman Havalook
Trixie Blue
Lollie la Rogue
Scarlet Rose
Bettie Bang
Demi Demure
Emerald Ivy
Tata Surpize
and a Special Début act

Compère is the hideous tro… Wondeful Jez Hunt

Raffle as normal as well as a contest for best Weird West costume.

Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door.

Still not sure what the weird west is?

Tickets available via paypal to 

Facebook –

Not only do we have an amazing show on Saturday but we will be brining along our True Blue burlesque treasures for Christmas (yes I said it) presents for your burlesque enthusiast love ones (if you want other ideas on burlesque gifts, then check out our Top 5 Festive Gifts Blog Here)

We hope you will pop along on Saturday and join us! We can’t wait to watch the show ourselves!!!

See you all on Saturday


House of Trixie Blue x x x


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