House of Trixie Blue

Enterprise of Burlesque Entertainment

Thank you, Thank you…100 times THANK YOU!

Hello Everyone,

Wow what an evening we had at Rhapsody in Blue Burlesque Extravaganza last night! House of Trixie Blue would like to thank absolutely every one for coming for our LAST ever burlesque extravaganza!

House of Trixie Blue have been producing burlesque shows for the last two years and have worked with such amazing crew, performers, venues, staff and enjoyed the company of our fabulous audiences.

This email is dedicated to each and every person who has been involved with the House of Trixie Blue Burlesque Extravaganzas.

House of Trixie Blue would love to thank…

Our Sponsors
Vivien of Holloway

Show Venues
The Telegraph
World Headquarters

Most Days Photography
GJB Performance Photography
Mikey Anderson Photography
Asgard Photography
Blind Sided Creations
Richard Shepherd Photography

Flyer Designer
Jon Robinson Designs

Cahoots Media
Orange Lights Media

Blue Belles Make Up Artist
Nellys Obsession

Show Entertainment
Sunsett Balloons

Bubblegum Vegas
Little Tin Goddess
True Blue by House of Trixie Blue
Aethertech Industries

House of Trixie Blue Crew
Pamella De Ville
Philly Von Wink
Scarlet Rose


Stage Maids

Stall Manager
Jon Bon

Jez Hunt

Guest Performers
Lou Lou Locket
Fifi Galore
Carman Havalook
Honey Noire
Rose Amour
Ruby Midnite
Lacey Bloomer
Havanna Wildtime
Bettina Spankenhaus
Warren Speed
Havanna Hurricane
Miss Tobi James
Cervena Fox
Lil Auld Ladies
Miss Twilight Sparkle
Constance Peach

Etrois Show Course
The Suspender Kittens

House of Trixie Blue Show Course
The Blue Belles

The Blue Belles Solo Performers
Ruby L’amour
Bunny Boudoir
Ally Cat
Krystal Shimmer
Miss Demeanour
Felicia Flutterby
Fifi Fondelle
Kitty La Belle
Tabby Wilde
Emerald Ivy
Milli Mopse
Ruby Love
Whatshername the Rocket Queen
Strawberry Lace
Honey Starlight
Polly Rocket
Minnie DeChimie
Cleo Clevarge
Coral Calypso
Emerald Myst
Felicia Fatale
Miss Scarlet Sultress
Coral Bellini
Lexi sWay
Miss Moxie
Rusty Halo

YOU – Our Audience

To express our gratitude in the only way we know how, we have made this cheeky farewell and thank you video as a final gesture to cement our utter appreciation of you all –  

Thank you, thank you… 100 times thank you!

Love from
House of Trixie Blue


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