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3 Minutes with… Raven Noir

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

“3 Minutes With…” Our brand new feature where we interview YOUR favourite Burlesque stars of the UK/International scene.  Our first burlesque lovely is the sensational Raven Noir…

In her own words, Raven isSultry raven haired burlesque performer,with a devilish twist” Captivating audiences globally with her stunning costume pieces and elegantly crafted routines.Not only is Raven a world class performer, she is also the producer of Burlesque Noir,

HOTB How did you get into burlesque?

Raven –  I got into burlesque through a friend, she had begun a course of burlesque lessons and asked me to come along. I loved burlesque from the onset and burlesque quickly became a very big part of my life.

HOTB Who is your inspiration?

Raven-  I honestly don’t have one person who inspires me as I have found lots of different performers inspire me in so many different ways. when I first started out I was very much inspired by a performer called Inga Ingenue, but I have found that as I travel this amazing journey that is burlesque I find I become inspired by lots of different performer’s for so many different reasons. I have also found inspiration can be taken from all kinds of different sources, as well as performers.

HOTB What is your favourite song to dance too?

Raven –  I have found that my favourite songs change from time to time, but I will always love After Dark by Tito & Tarantula. this is the song I dance The Raven to, my signature act.

HOTB Do you have a favourite act? and why?

Raven –  My favourite act for years was The Raven, my signature act and apart from being very visual its quite gothic and very sensual, however I have just debuted a new act called Freya, this is my new favourite act. The costume is amazing and extremely extravagant, I also incorporate the sideshow act, the bed of nails into the act, which is both visually  amazing and also pushes me as a performer and has expanded my skill set. having to learn an age old side show act was in itself an fantastic thing to do. I also love the music I dance to for this act, but ne of the best feelings about Freya is the reaction I get from audiences when I walk onto stage.

HOTBWhat is your favourite costume piece?

Raven – My favourite costume at this moment in time is Freya, I love feathers and Freya has a lot of them, the whole costume has been made to measure for me and hand embellished by myself with 1000 of Swarovski crystals so the whole costume sparkles intensely on stage. The whole costume is extremely extravagant and I think that this costume will be the largest and most extravagant I will ever make.

HOTB If you had a movie made about your life, who would play you?

Raven – If I had a movie made about myself and had to choose a actress to play me, I think I would choose Bet Midler, as shes is funny a fantastic actress and can also be quite serious too. however she looks nothing like me at all this I think might cause a few problems, so if bet could be made to look like me I would choose her.

HOTB Is there any advice to give to fledging performers?

Raven – Advice to fledgling performers will be. Listen to advice and constructive criticism, you don’t have to take advice, but sometimes people can have some good things to say, don’t listen to people who just want to criticize and then have nothing positive to say. Take inspiration from the performers you love to watch, but remember the difference in inspiration and copying. Be yourself and develop your style as you want it to be, you might not fit every theme and show out there but you will be more comfortable on stage, if you develop the acts you want to do rather than acts you develop just to fit a specific show or theme. Know your costume, know all its flaws and niggles. if your having problems with things like zips etc. get them fixed, don’t leave it to chance. we all have costume dramas, but knowing you have done everything you can to eliminate them you will feel less anxious on stage. If you have a costume drama, DONT WORRY we al have them, honestly don’t let it knock your confidence, laugh it of, usually the audience is on your side and they wont think any less of you. enjoy your journey   its an amazing community we have and if you ever need advice about anything just ask you will find there is always someone there to help.
Thank you Raven for contributing to our first ever 3 Minutes With… 

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Thank you all for reading
Love & Shimmies

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