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Hey everyone,

We hope that you are having a mega awesome day and that you have something exciting in store for this beautiful Wednesday.

Here at House of Trixie Blue, we are launching our BRAND NEW and EXCITING adventure today. It comes under the guise of BLUE SKY ONLINE BURLESQUE CLASSES!!! That’s right, our new adventure takes place on the world wide web – we are so very excited.

Blue Sky Online Burlesque Classes are not replacing our studio classes.  The studio environment is so very important to us at House of Trixie Blue. We shall be running them alongside this new burlesque adventure just as normal. Please check out for more information on our studio classes.

We would love to tell you more about our new adventure, so sit back, relax, get a biccy and a cuppa and we hope you enjoy.

Have a lovely day

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue


Blue Sky Online Burlesque Classes

Ever fancied learning the art of the tease but a dance studio environment doesn’t suit your needs/commitments?

Want to learn burlesque surrounded by your own home comforts?

Then Blue Sky Burlesque is for you!

Blue Sky is an online burlesque class that you can join from the comfort of your own home by using the popular Skype TM programme.

Thats right folks, if you want to learn the art of the tease but feel that you might benefit with online classes rather than studio classes (for personal, mobility, time restraints, work commitments and many more) then Blue Sky Online Burlesque Classes are for you!

Why we have created Blue Sky?

Firstly, over the years of being involved with burlesque, we have spoken to some incredible ladies and gents and how they would love to learn the art of the tease but they are unable to attend a class because they have certain unique requirements that make taking studio classes a little bit more challenging. As we believe that burlesque should be made available to all, we have created Blue Sky at House of Trixie Blue to ensure that burlesque is accessible and inclusive to all who want to enjoy the beauty of burlesque.

Secondly, as our teachers are burlesque performers and perform all over the UK, we meet tons of amazing people, who have been kind enough to express that they would love to be taught our style of burlesque but they don’t live in the Newcastle upon Tyne area where we run our studio lessons.  With Blue Sky Online Burlesque Classes, this has become a possibility that no matter where you live, you can get the House of Trixie Blue burlesque treatment.

Finally, in our studio workshops/classes, we have spoken to many different fabulous individuals who all expressed a great deal of nerves when embarking on their first studio class, for an array of reasons, such as nervous of the content of the classes, apprehensive about meeting new people (including the class teacher, who is lovely by the way – tee hee hee) . Blue Sky aims to counteract this feeling of nausea by letting you try burlesque in your own homes before you attend a class.

What type of classes will be running the Blue Sky way?

We shall be running an assortment of different classes and workshops.  At this moment in time we will be looking at a basic burlesque beginners technique workshop and developing our one to one sessions.  Please check out our website for a more comprehensive look into the world of Blue Sky.

How do you get involved?

The best way to get involved with this new exciting adventure would be to check out our website, check out the frequently asked questions page and then get in touch.  We are more than happy to answer absolutely any questions you may have with regards to Blue Sky (and our burlesque classes in general) Our email is


We have rambled on a bit in this blog, we thought it might be nice to read some feedback from our fabulous burlesque students in our studio classes, as we aim to create the same electric atmosphere in our online classes as we do in our studio classes.

We would like to thank each and every one of our students we have had the pleasure to teach over the years. Without the enthusiasm and banter from our students, we wouldn’t exist! so a big thank you from us.  Here is what our students have to say:

​’After every class I felt fantastic and walked away with the biggest smile on my face! Trixie is a very entertaining tutor, with a great sense of humour and an incredible passion for burlesque. I will definitely be returning after my Beginners’ Course comes to a close!” – Jess –  Student 2014

“A wonderful experience that made me feel sexy despite my age and size.” Workshop Attendee May 2014

“Trixie Blue is a delightful teacher. She makes you feel fabulous while teaching you the tease!” Workshop Attendee September 2014

“Awesome as ever! Right perked me up thismorning. Trixie Blue never fails to inject cheer and glamour into your day” Workshop Attendee May 2014

“After being interested in the beautiful art of Burlesque for some time, and a need to re-build some feminine confidence, I started lessons with the amazing Trixie Blue. After countless questions from me and many e mails back and forwards I plucked up the courage to go. Trixie has an uncanny ability to make you feel completely at ease, and her friendly teaching skills are second to none! Come and have a go with House of Trixie Blue, you are guaranteed to have fun, and may also surprise yourself!” Lou –  Student 2014

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed your cuppa and that this article was an interesting read on your tea break. We are here to answer any questions you might have and look forward to hearing from you.  Please do not hesitate to send us an email to  See you soon.

Love and Shimmies

House of Trixie Blue


P.S Check out below for a cheeky little special offer


As we would like to thank you for your continued support as we embark on our new adventure, Blue Sky Online Burlesque Classes,

we would like to make a special offer to you all.

The first person to sign up to our Blue Sky Online Workshop/One to One shall receive it for FREE! 

The next 5 people shall receive their booking for HALF PRICE!

To take advantage of this incredible offer, email and quote the following code in the subject: BLUESKY1

Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you



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