House of Trixie Blue

Enterprise of Burlesque Entertainment

Our Brand New Feature… 3 Minutes With – Exclusive Interviews with YOUR favourite Burlesque Stars

Hello everyone,

We hope you are well and having fun!

We love burlesque and we know you do too!!!

Our BRAND NEW feature, “3 Minutes With…”

This feature is where we interview YOUR favourite Burlesque stars of the UK/International and we have a lot of fabulous interviews in store for you!

As this is a feature for YOU, we welcome your input to who you would like to be interviewed. Drop us a line with your suggestion, we always love to hear from you.

Keep your eyes peeled, as the first interview will delivered direct to your inbox very soon.

See you soon
Lots of love and shimmies

House of Trixie Blue





    1. 3 Minutes with….Suzie Sequin | House of Trixie Blue
    2. 3 Minutes with…. Rusty Von Chrome | House of Trixie Blue
    3. 3 Minutes with…Amanda Rose | House of Trixie Blue
    4. 3 Minutes with… Tooshie La Tata | House of Trixie Blue
    5. 3 Minutes with… Bella Besame | House of Trixie Blue
    6. 3 Minutes with… Trixie Blue | House of Trixie Blue

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